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Pneumatic tools, also known as air tools, were usually used by professional contractors, mechanics, and factory workers. But, for the past few years, these tools have gone mainstream. Now, a lot of people use pneumatic tools for their do-it-yourself and home improvement projects. The reason is that these devices are powerful and easy to use. Plus, they can offer several advantages compared to their regular or electric-powered counterparts.

Keep in mind that there are different types of air tools, and each type has a specific purpose or function. For this reason, it is vital to learn the various kinds of pneumatic tools. That way, you’ll be able to choose the best device for your project.

Product Description


Air Impact Wrench

A pneumatic or air impact wrench can deliver high torque output even if you use minimal effort or exertion. Once connected to an air compressor, it can easily remove stubborn nuts, bolts, pins, and other delicate objects without damaging them.

An air impact wrench is the most powerful type of wrench, and it is easy to maintain. However, this tool is expensive. Aside from that, it is not portable because you need to attach it to an air compressor. As such, it is not suitable for on the go repairs. Even so, its powerful force can make difficult tasks easy and manageable.

Air Hammer

Also known as an air chisel, an air hammer is typically used to cut metals and carve stones. Aside from that, this powerful tool is designed to accept different attachments. As such, you can also use it for various applications, including flattening or shaping metals, wood and stone chiseling, and tile or cement removal.

An air hammer uses compressed air to operate; thus, it can break things with ease. Additionally, this air tool will allow you to finish your task faster than other tools. However, it is pricier than its counterparts.


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