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Our Advantage

  • Solid cast iron single stage piston series pump
  • Oil-lubricated design to extend pump life
  • Rated at up to 50,000 hours (based on B-10 bearing life rating)
  • Solid steel, heavy gauge rods, designed for maximum performance and durability
  • The coolest running compressors in the industry
  • Airstream technology provides 35% lower operating temperature, reduces moisture build-up and extends pump life
  • Concentric disc valves deliver maximum airflow with low replacement costs
  • The easily accessible design provides easy maintenance and durability
  • Industrial grade ball bearings for maximum performance and extended pump life
  • Built-in head unloaders designed for continuous run applications
  • Solid cast-iron cylinders, crankcase, flywheel, crankshaft, and valve plates
  • Large Steel Automotive-Type Filters – not plastic
  • Large site glass for viewing your oil level

Product Description


Highly Recommended Use

Solid cast iron series pump with solid cast-iron cylinders, crankcase, flywheel, crankshaft, and valve plates provide durability & reliable performance. The air stream technology provides 35% lower operating temperature, reduces moisture build-up and extends pump life。With the high exhaust efficiency, smooth operation and less fuel consumption, it’s the best choice for you.

Multiple Applications

The air compressor pump is widely used for the chemical industry, light industry, textile, food processing, health, electronics, machinery, mining, construction, scientific research, and other requirements of the high-quality compressed air sector. Ideally suitable for variable air demand from low to medium volumes, also providing either direct driven from the motor or belt driven via pulleys from the motor.

High Efficient & Reliable Work

The proven belt-driven design is great for excellent compression & smooth running. The pump has been engineered with a V / W-style cylinder orientation to eliminate hotspots and provide consistent cooling, resulting in longer pump life. Can replace this pump for the origin engine, the cost of this complete pump is half the cost of repair parts for the original pump rebuild.

Product Warranty

Our Pumps require less maintenance, service, and downtime than other air compressor pumps with a one-year warranty service. The Products are designed with exacting tolerance and specifications to deliver all the power that’s needed at the job site, garage, or shop.

Technical Specification

ModelPower KWCylinder MMWorking Pressure
Air Delivery
Measure L×W×HNet Weight


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