How harmful is the unqualified air filter to the air compressor?

In modern industrial production, compressed air is used more and more widely, and it plays an increasingly important role in improving production efficiency and product quality. Because the compressed air discharged from the air compressor contains many mixed impurities such as water vapor, oil vapor, and dust, if the compressed air containing these impurities is directly delivered to the compressed air using equipment, it will bring undesirable consequences to the entire system.

1. High-pressure oil and gas accumulate in the system pipes, forming flammables and even explosive mixtures. At the same time, the oil is vaporized at high temperatures to form an organic acid, which has a corrosive effect on metal equipment.

2. Because the mixture of water,oil,and dust is deposited in the pipeline, the circulation area of ​​the pipeline is reduced, and the airflow resistance is increased. In severe cases, the channel may even be blocked, resulting in unstable operation of the entire system.

3. In the freezing season, the pipes and accessories will be damaged due to freezing after the water vapor condenses.

4. Impurities such as dust in the compressed air will wear parts and cause leakage, which will affect the accuracy and service life of the equipment.

5. Compressed air used for painting, chemistry, food, or precision parts processing will cause product pollution and reduce product quality if it contains moisture, oil, and impurities.

6. It will also cause various injuries to the human body. Employees working in an air-polluted environment for a long time will cause invisible and great damage to their health, and chronic diseases of varying degrees will appear.

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