How to choose air compressor

1, Determine the work pressure
When selecting the air compressor, it is first necessary to determine the working pressure required by the gas end, plus the allowance of 1-2bar, and then choose the pressure of the air compressor. Of course, the size of the pipeline diameter and the number of turning points also affect the pressure loss. The more significant the pipeline diameter and the less the turning point, the smaller the pressure loss; Otherwise, the greater the pressure loss.
Therefore, when the distance between the air compressor and the gas end pipeline is too far, the diameter of the main road should be appropriately enlarged. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements of the air compressor and the working condition allows, it can be installed near the gas end.

2, Determine the corresponding volume flow
 (1) When the air compressor is selected, the volume flow of all the gas equipment should be understood first, and the total amount of flow should be multiplied by 1.2;
 (2) To the gas equipment supplier to understand the volume flow parameters of the gas equipment for air compressor selection;
 (3) The transformation of the air compressor station can refer to the original parameter values and the actual gas usage for selection.

  1. Determine the power supply capacity
    In the case of constant power, when the rotational speed changes, the volume flow and working pressure also change accordingly. The rotational speed is reduced, the exhaust is reduced, therefore, and so on.
    The selected power of the air compressor is that the power supply capacity can meet the use power of the matched driving motor under the condition of meeting the working pressure and volume flow.

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