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Air compressor is commonly used equipment in manufacturing enterprises, petrochemical mines, transportation construction and other industries. Screw air compressor accounts for 1/3 market share of the whole air compressor market, especially in the middle and low pressure uses to occupy an absolute leading position.

Screw air compressor adopts pre-complete configuration screw air compressor only needs a single power supply connection and compressed air connection, and built-in cooling system, so the installation work is greatly simplified. Screw air compressor with its noise reduction, high efficiency, high efficiency, maintenance-free, highly reliable, and other advantages consistently provide high-quality compressed air for all walks of life.

  1. Screw air compressor has the advantages of high stability, high efficiency, slight vibration, and low noise.
  2. The coordination of the Yin and Yang rotor and the rotor and the casing is set by the air compressor so that the gas reflux leakage is less, and there is no residual clearance volume, so the efficiency is high.
  3. The lubricating oil sprayed has sealing, cooling, and lubrication functions
  4. Compared with piston machine, less wearing parts, low failure rate.
  5. Screw compression work curve is smooth, relatively quiet air compressor in piston machine vibration is small, low noise.

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