What are the maintenance methods of screw air compressor?

Motor use environment should be kept dry, and the surface should be kept clean, air inlet should not accumulate dust, fiber, and other sundries. When the thermal protection and short-circuit protection of the motor operate continuously, it should be checked whether the fault comes from the engine or overload or because the protection device is set too low. The responsibility can be put into operation after clearing.

Lubricating grease should be added for motor bearings running for 1500~2000h. The maximum bearing temperature should not exceed 120℃. When the temperature is lower than 70℃, the interval of lubricating grease can be appropriately extended. When filling oil, use an oil injection gun. First, remove the grease plug from the drainpipe, add new fat until the original grease is discharged from the drain hole, wipe it with a cloth, and tighten the oil plug after filling oil.

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