Characteristics of different machines

Air compressor is a kind of air-source device which is widely used in all aspects of life. Different types of air compressors have also appeared, and they also have other characteristics.

Adopting 1:1 direct drive, no other noise, no other consumption reduction loss, the true sense of direct-connected screw compressor, effectively protecting the motor torque Reduce transmission components, reduce maintenance costs, and improve equipment stability.

Permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor has stable air pressure, no shock at startup, variable flow control, better voltage adaptability of AC power supply, low noise of energy-saving air compressor.

 The refrigerated dryer, precision filter, gas storage tank, and other components are integrated. After the air is integrated into the system, the air quality is significantly optimized, which can meet the process needs of various enterprises. Save space, easy to use, flexible and lightweight.

Piston-type oil-free air compressor adopts a new environmental protection material design, low friction coefficient, and self-lubricating. Increase service life. The body design is compact, the unique outer box is wholly disassembled technology, there are fewer line joints, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

Simple structure, small size, lightweight, few parts, high reliability, small torque change during operation, good power balance, high speed, small vibration, small air transmission pulsation, simple operation, easy to realize automation.

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