Influence of cold on air compressor

After the cold air enters the air compressor, it will produce a lot of water vapor at high temperature, which will increase the burden of the post-treatment water vapor filtration of the air compressor, so the water in the post-treatment equipment needs to be discharged from time to time.

Compressed air enters the production area for use by users through pipes that are either buried underground or open in the air. In cold weather, the open pipe may cause a part of moisture due to low temperature, and some may even affect the normal use of users because of the increase of moisture. For example, the laser cutting machine industry, if the compressed air contains too much oil and water will affect the accuracy of the cutting process. In the mining industry, the wet compressed air compressor may not affect the normal use of pneumatic tools, but it will affect the strength of pneumatic tool operation.

Note: after the winter outage, must pay attention to vent all gas, sewage, water, emptying all kinds of pipe and air bags of water, gas, oil, because the winter unit work, the temperature is higher, after a downtime due to ambient temperature is low, there will be a large number of condensate produced after air cooling, there are various control pipe, easy to control the pipeline jam, rise crack etc.

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