Is there any difference between screw pump and air pump?

Simply say a summary, screw pump is a kind of air pump, vice versa does not include. Of course, there are some differences between progressing cavity pumps. According to its own structure is divided into single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump. The first two and the working principle of the screw air compressor single screw and twin screw operation principle is similar. This article from the screw pump and air pump concept and scope of use to help you distinguish.

Air pump and screw pump are responsible for the transport of fluid tools, and fluid is not necessarily a liquid, gas can also be called a fluid. First from the original work of both to tell you about. Air pump because of the working principle in a long time ago was considered as a piston compressor, because the air pump is through the piston to continue to pump, so as to control the gas pressure in the gas storage tank, when the gas in the gas storage tank is disconnected, the air pump will repeat the pump again, in principle, very similar to the piston machine. But screw pump is not the case, screw pump in the beginning of the article also mentioned, single screw and twin screw working is similar to the screw compressor, so screw compressor can be regarded as a screw pump.

So screw pump and pump can use the gap between the piston machine and screw machine to explain the difference, both because of the different working principle, there are some difference on work in use, the existence of the pump is mainly used as pump, car tyres, air, screw pump is mainly used to realize the irrigation works, the current domestic screw pump speed much lower than import, But the price is cheaper.

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