Screw air compressor accessories purchasing tips

Since entering 2019, with the growing demand for screw air compressors in various industries, screw air compressors have gradually become the mainstream models on the market, and have a higher share in the market. But at the same time of the high popularity of screw air compressors, we also need to pay attention to such …

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How to choose air compressor

1, Determine the work pressureWhen selecting the air compressor, it is first necessary to determine the working pressure required by the gas end, plus the allowance of 1-2bar, and then choose the pressure of the air compressor. Of course, the size of the pipeline diameter and the number of turning points also affect the pressure …

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Characteristics of different machines

Air compressor is a kind of air-source device which is widely used in all aspects of life. Different types of air compressors have also appeared, and they also have other characteristics. Fix speed air compressor Adopting 1:1 direct drive, no other noise, no other consumption reduction loss, the true sense of direct-connected screw compressor, effectively …

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The Difference Between Screw Air Compressor and Piston Air Compressor

Different structure The organization structure of the screw air compressor is composed of an airend, electric motor, oil and gas separator, oil pipeline system, cooling system, gas pipeline system, and electrical control system. Piston compressor comprises the air pump, cooling system, regulating system, lubrication system, safety valve, electric motor, and control equipment. Different features The …

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