Three types of air compressors suitable for industry

There are three types of typical air compressors, reciprocating piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, and rotary vane compressors. Each of these air compressors has its own unique advantages.

Reciprocating compressors are the most common air compressors and are familiar to most people. Among the three compressor types, reciprocating air compressors usually have the lowest price. They are suitable for low-duty cycle operations. Unlike many vane and screw compressors, most reciprocating compressors can be repaired or modified on-site using simple hand tools.

Scroll Air Compressor is the least common. It has fewer manufacturers and it is more difficult to find repair parts. But it has fewer moving parts, is designed for continuous work, and can provide relatively pulsation-free air flow.

Screw compressors are found in stationary applications and are not common in mobile applications. Screw compressors have become more economical, and their advantages have been recognized more and more in all walks of life. Today, screw air compressors are used in many industrial applications, and screw compressors manufactured by companies all over the world are known for their relatively compact size, long life, and high airflow delivery. High-duty cycle applications are suitable for screw compressors because they are designed to run 100% of the time. Generally, screw compressors do not need gas storage tanks during operation. Compared with other compressor types, screw air compressors have fewer wearing parts, and maintenance usually includes the replacement of filters and oil.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an air compressor. The purchase price, ease of maintenance, cost, size, availability, airflow, and life are all critical.

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