Why install gas storage tanks?

Can the air compressor not be equipped with a gas storage tank? It is theoretically achievable, but not fitted with a gas storage tank will cause the air compressor to stop once it is started, stop and start repeatedly, which greatly increases the operating burden of the air compressor and causes serious waste of energy consumption.

What is the role of the gas tank?

1. Buffer and stabilize the compressed air output by the air compressor, eliminate or reduce the pulsation of the air compressor output air pressure, reduce the switching frequency of electrical valves; prevent the compressed air pipeline from returning gas for some reason during the shutdown of the air compressor, Failure and damage caused by pouring into the air compressor.

2. It can cool down the compressed air and precipitate moisture, dust, and impurities on the bottom of the gas storage tank, which is more conducive to water removal and pollution removal.

3. It can be equipped with the following equipment supporting the air compressor: aftercooler, refrigerated dryer, air filter, and other equipment to form the purified compressed air power source (station) for industrial production.

4. Miniature air compressor, with its own air storage tank, is also used as the installation base frame for the compressor body and other accessories.

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