Type selection of air compressor

  1. Determine the working pressure
    First, determine the required working pressure of the air end, add a margin of 1-2bar, and then select the pressure of the air compressor. Of course, the pipe diameter and the number of turning points will also affect the pressure loss. The larger the path diameter, the fewer turning points and the smaller the pressure loss; on the contrary, the greater the pressure loss.
  2. Determine the corresponding volume flow
    (1) First, understand the volumetric flow rate of all gas-using equipment and multiply the total flow rate by 1.2
    (2) Obtain the volumetric flow parameters of the gas-consuming equipment from the gas-consuming equipment supplier to select the air compressor;
  3. Determine the power supply capacity
    In the case of constant power, when the rotation speed changes, the volume flow, and working pressure also change accordingly. The rotation speed is reduced, and the exhaust gas is decreased correspondingly.

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