Why air compressors should be equipped with precision filters?

In this article, BONA Air Compressor takes everyone to understand why the air compressor equips with a precision filter. I hope everyone can gain something after reading this article.

(1) The users with strong purchasing demand for precision filters often engage in chemical painting and precision parts processing. Users in these industries have very high requirements for the moisture of compressed air because the water or oil of the compressed air exceeds the regulations. Excessive moisture and oil in the air will damage the goods. So some companies with stricter requirements prohibit the material from leaving the factory, causing the company to suffer huge losses;

(2) The oil collected under high pressure will often vaporize under the influence of high temperature, thereby mixing with some components in the air, causing the explosion and corroding the surrounding power;

(3) If the air compressor worked for a long time, carbon deposits and dust would accumulate for a long time, so it needs cleaning up in time; otherwise, it will wear out large and small parts, which will affect the overall life and safety;

(4) There is a large amount of mixture staying in the pipeline, which will cause a severe drop in the efficiency of compressed air when passing through the channel. If the pipeline is severely blocked, it will affect the use of the entire machine.

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